Hand Silvered – Antiqued Mirror – Bespoke Finishes 

Unique mirror finishes. Tetbury

Mirrors not only spread light around a property but also increase the feeling of space. At Spoilt Mirror we supply hand silvered glass used to create unique finishes. The design and finish will tailored to meet your needs. Nathan Scott will offer advice and guidance on the best materials to use and how to enhance different areas of your interior.


When it comes to beautifully designed glass, there is an endless range or possibilities, from using it on feature walls and kitchen splashbacks to furniture and bar shelving. We are also able to finish replacement mirrors for antique or modern frames. All of the pieces produced by SPOILT MIRROR are handmade and bespoke, so unlike factory-produced glass, no two pieces are ever the same.

The Finish That You Want

SPOILT MIRROR really can achieve any finish to suit the individual project. However, some of the available finishes include:

  • Heavily Antiqued
  • Lightly Foxed
  • Spatter and Stained Effects
  • Coloured (Where Required)
  • Verre Églomisé

Once you have enquired about work, Nathan will advise and help to bring your ideas to life. Each job will have a unique sample made to start with, before work commences.

Possible finishes include broken effects, heavily antiqued, foxed light to heavy, spatter and staining effects. Verre eglomise is also available. Please visit our Samples page.

If you have a finish in mind or something you would like imitated, this can also be done.

Working closely with the client is a priority assuring individuality and customer satisfaction.

Contact us now to learn more about possible uses and ideas.

Verre Églomisé

Verre Eglomise is the technique of gilding onto glass. It involves the application of a silver or gold leaf on the reverse of the glass. This process results in a beautifully soft mirrored effect.


“Creative, organised, amiable, and a perfectionist”

"Nathan has worked with Felbrigg on numerous residential interior projects. He is creative, organised, amiable, and a perfectionist. A winning combination."

Jan Jones, Director at Felbrigg Ltd

“thrilled with the results”

"You can’t tell the difference between old and new glass with Nathan’s work. I have used him to repair and replace glass in antique mirrors and am thrilled with the results. Nathan has also made some mirrored walls and shelves for me which give my home another dimension."

Anne Fowler, Decorative Antique Dealer, Long Street, Tetbury

“I always go to him when needing any decorative glass”

"Very pleased with the work Nathan has done on mirrors for me. I always go to him when needing any decorative glass panels of any sort. We have used verse eglomise and silvered glass as well as foxed and antiqued."

Colin Gee, The Decorator Source Long Street, Tetbury